Clean rooms and clean room equipments are a major capital investment designed to provide you with a contamination-controlled environment. Only through regular testing can you know whether your investment is operating properly. Regular comprehensive testing minimizes costly down-time and product defects, resulting in increased yield and productivity.

AIRTECH SERVICES is a nationally recognized independent up coming clean room and controlled environment testing agency. Since 1999 we have provided critical validation, routine testing, and advisory services to clean room end users. We are providing complete customer-friendly service by experienced engineers with sound knowledge adding the most sophisticated instruments to the list of Clean room Validation.

AIRTECH has the resources to help maintain your facility.

Clean room Services Include:

  • Particle counts to both Federal Standard 209E and ISO 14644 – 1
  • HEPA Filter leak testing (using PAO or PSL spheres)
  • Filter airflow velocity and uniformity testing
  • Room pressurization testing
  • Microbial sample collection and analysis
  • Temperature and humidity testing
  • Light intensity testing
  • Noise level testing
  • Airflow Parallelism and Air Pattern Studies
  • Laminar Flow Hood / Clean Bench Certification & Service
  • Class II Biological Safety Cabinet Certification & Service
  • Class III Certification & Service

IES – RP – CC – OO2 (Institute of Environmental Science – Recommended Practice – 002)
US – Federal Standard 209 and ISO 14644 – 1 – 1999.
We have Latest test equipments to meet the above standards