MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION Cabinet by Water Proof Commercial Ply in Teak Wood Structure. External surface covered worth industrial laminated sheets and air plenum surface coated with synthetic rubber paint over suitable primer base.
Platform covered by aluminium grated or PVC mat flooring and door are made of 6 mm clear glass in aluminium pipe with automatic door closures & manual locks.
Pre filter made from synthetic polyester non woven fiber, particle retention 10 to 15 micron. Efficiency 90%, Pressure Drop 6 mm WG.
HEPA FILTERS are made of micro clean, glass fiber paper of imported origin, Particle Retention 0.3 Micron & above pressure drop – 23 mm WG.


Motor by DOL Starter, Doors by Electromagnetic Interlocking. Overload Protection by thermal relay. Shower duration by preset electronic timer. Shower operation by push buttons. Emergency off by mushroom head push button.