AIRTECH offers Laminar Flow equipment constructed by using industrial block boards with exterior surface covered by decorative laminated sheets & inner surface coated with synthetic rubber paint. Air tight joints are ensured by using best quality adhesives.

HEPA filters made of micro clean glass fibre paper of imported origin with fine corrugated aluminium foil separators. Pressure drop will be 23 mm WG. Pre & filters are manufactured by using synthetic non woven polyester fabric material with HDPE mesh reinforcement on both sides. Both the filters are protected by suitable grill arrangement.

Blower assembly consists of a single phase,double shaft motor, directly coupled with a pair of centrifugal type aluminium impeller & enclosed within a specially designed MS casing.

Optional accessories includes Stainless steel work table in lieu of Laminated table, UV lamps, Clear acrylic front doors, Standard accessories includes power points, Pressure manometer castor wheels or leveling screws, illumination, side screens etc.

Horizontal flow model with bottom stand arrangement. This type of Laminar air flow benches are used for tissue culture applications. It provides more leg space & thereby helps to keep the surrounding clean. Vibration is reduced to a very minimum level by keeping the total work station on a heavy duty structural work. The stainless steel work table is isolated from the main unit. An optional steri-pot holder can be provided below the work table with control switch located adjacent to that.